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Date(s) - 05/22/2018 - 05/26/2018
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Subang Hotel and Convention Center


Every four years we gather the whole FICM family from around the world together for a great time of fellowship, worship, sharing, and focusing on the vision God has given us to equip the Church worldwide to make disciples. We are working in around 40 countries and there is an acceleration underway. But we ain’t seen nothing yet!

If you play any part in Freedom In Christ Ministries, you and your family are warmly welcomed to Wider And Deeper in May 2018 in the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur (“KL”), the capital of Malaysia. Our theme – “wider and deeper” – is about our vision to spread the FIC message to more and more Christian leaders whilst helping them take it to a deeper and deeper level in their own lives. So that they go on to lead their people into freedom and fruitfulness.

KL is a clean, modern city, a melting pot of Asian culture where English is widely spoken. It’s great value too (a Big Mac costs $1.80) and we’ll be there during a cheap time for travel so we’ve got a fantastic deal at a superb hotel.

KL has great flight connections so is easy to get to. It’s also a fantastic base from which to explore Asia with cheap flights to destinations such as Thailand (Bangkok is less than $70), Japan, Korea, China, Sri Lanka, and India.

Do please register on the website ( and we’ll keep you up to speed with all the details in the coming months.

Download the PDF brochure HERE!

See you there!
Steve and Zoë Goss

Freedom in Christ International