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Date(s) - 07/13/2018
11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Arise Christian Fellowship


Freedom in Christ Ministries wants to serve you and your church by assisting you in developing a framework to help you turn converts into effective, fruitful disciples.  We are hosting a luncheon to introduce you to the FICM approach to discipleship.

Historically, discipleship has often been seen as teaching Christians to behave in the right way. But just trying harder often leads to joyless legalism.

In practically all his letters to the churches, the Apostle Paul does not tell us a single thing about how to behave or what to do until the second half of the letter. Why? In the first half, he helps us understand who we are now and what we have in Christ. When we know these things, the rest follows: we live for God not be because we feel we have to, but because we know and love Him.

Freedom in Christ Ministries has equipped thousands of church leaders to use this identity-based discipleship approach. You and other leaders in your church are warmly invited to this briefing event, A Strategy for Church-Wide Discipleship. In 2 hours we will outline three key concepts and introduce you to our core tools.

Lunch will be provided.

To register for this free event, email Angela at .