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Date(s) - 11/07/2019 - 11/08/2019
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Brentwood Baptist Church


If you want to make disciples, nothing is more important than who you believe Jesus is and what you teach about him. What we believe about Jesus determines what it means to be his disciple. Bill Hull often explains it to people this way: “The Jesus we preach and the gospel we uphold determine the disciple we get.” Stop and read that last statement again. What do you believe and teach about Jesus? That will decide the kind of disciple you are becoming and forming.

Jesus’ identity is a big deal. If we are helping people trust and follow Jesus, which Jesus are we introducing them to? Have we created Jesus in our own image, to suit our sensibilities, or do we know the real Jesus as he is revealed in the Bible? If we use Matthew 4:19 as a definition of a disciples, then we want people to follow Jesus, be changed by Jesus, and be committed to his mission. To do that we need clarity on Jesus’ identity.  At our 2019 National Disciple Making Forum, we will dive into these topics and why they are so important for disciple makers.

Dr. Neil T. Anderson will present 5 different Track Sessions.  Topics include: Identity in Christ, Position in Christ, Mental Strongholds, Spiritual Battle for the Mind, and Discipleship Counseling.

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