What Is A Community Freedom Ministry?

A Community Freedom Ministry (CFM) is a teaching environment of grace and truth, started by an individual, couple or group of individuals under church authority seeking to establish and coordinate a “freedom presence” in their home church or hometown. This “freedom...

How Does FICM Train People To Start And Grow A CFM?

The primary vehicle for training CFM Coordinators is CFM University. Utilizing state-of-the-art online technology (through the “Moodle” learning management system), students are required to take an entrance exam, two courses … CFM 101 and CFM 201 … and also attend a...

Where are the Practicums held?

Please go to the “Events” section on the homepage of our Freedom in Christ website, www.ficm.org, in order to find out the latest updates on Practicum dates and locations.

Are there any benefits to being a CFMA?

Yes, there are some great benefits! You immediately become a member of our National Prayer Network; you receive a 30% discount on all resources sold in our FICM bookstore; you receive personal encouragement and ministry support from our Regional Coordinators and...

What is a Community Freedom Ministry Associate (CFMA)?

A CFMA is someone who has gone through the CFM University Coordinator Track and who has made successful application to become part of the CFM NETWORK. This includes having a positive referral in the form of The Church Leader Questionnaire mailed confidentially from a...

Do you give CFMU scholarships?

This is truly our desire and we hope to receive scholarship funding for this purpose at some point. Unfortunately, we are not currently able to offer scholarships.
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